Natixis Moscow

Natixis Moscow

Information for the Bank Insiders:

In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law No. 224-FZ On Counteracting the Illegitimate Use of Insider Information and Manipulation of the Market, and on Making Amendments to Separate Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation dated July 27, 2010, Natixis implements strict Inside Information Policy.

The information which is classified as insider information of Natixis is included in the list of insider information

Entities/persons included in this Insiders List are notified of their inclusion in the Insiders List and required to inform both Natixis and the Federal Service for Financial Markets if they enter into any transactions involving any securities and/or derivatives issued by Natixis. A duly prepared notification should be sent within 10 business days from the effective date of the transaction. Such notification may be either sent by mail, by courier delivery or by email to

Transaction Notification Form

Insiders are prohibited to use the inside information:

  • for conducting transactions with financial instruments concerning insider information at their own expense or through a third party except transactions within the framework of its mature obligations to buy or sell financial instruments if such an obligation arose as a result of the operation effected before inside information became known to the party;
  • through transferring insider information to another party except ones included in the list of insiders or due to the discharge of duties established by federal laws, employment duties and contract performance;
  • through providing recommendations to third parties or bind them to purchase or sell financial instruments, foreign currency and (or) products.

If you become aware of cases of illegitimate use of inside information, please contact us at